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Full Version: Artist Slideshow on Raspberry Pi not working
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I have the latest Raspberry Pi 512Mb Model B running Raspbmc (yday build).
I tried downloading the Artist Slideshow plugin (in Transparency and in the default Raspberry Theme) but
it starts downloading and then just fails without any message. It does not complete.
And i can keep trying to do that but its always the same behaviour.
Whereas all other plugins install fine.
Is there a compatibility issue with Artist Slideshow and the Raspberry Pi System running XBMC?
Would be grateful for any comments or whether other users have experienced the same.

I installed Superrepo and then tried installing it worked. I am not sure it has something to do with that.
Now it installed fine. Problem solved.
please tell us which skin you use and how you install the "artist slideshow 1.5.4" plugin,..

I've tryed many skins (from quarz to confluence mod) and it doesn't work,.. I've enabled in skin settings "fanart",.. but no pictures are displayed

What should I do on a naked raspbmc install to use artist slideshow?

using raspberry raspbmc latest build (liveupdate)