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Full Version: Recordings list incomplete?!
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I'm having an issue here, though I'm pretty sure it's just a simple button or setting I cannot find for the life of me…

My setup: Frodo 12.2 on Ubuntu 12.10 with Tvheadend as backend.

I've got a bunch of recordings; listing the path '/home/hts/' confirms there's about a dozen files in there. Yet, on XBMC–under 'Live TV' -> 'Recordings'–it shows just three. (As far as I can tell, it's the three latest ones, which have been recorded within the last month.)

I've checked that Tvheadend doesn't delete recordings (the files are there anyway), I've maxed-out XBMC's setting "Default recording lifetime" to 365 (isn't there a way to just never delete anything?), but the files are still not shown.
Any ideas?