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Full Version: XBMCbuntu no sound in dvd
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I'm quit new with XBMCbuntu and Linux, but I have justed xbmc on windows pc. Now I have a small pc Asrock 152B, which I have installed with XBMCbuntu. I have just installed XBMCbuntu and no extra drives for Asrock.

Now I just have a little problem: There is no sound, when I play dvd (iso) or mkv (ripped with makemkv from iso). I have tired playing avi, mp4 and other files and here there is sound. And I also have sound, when I navigate round the menu in XBMCbuntu.

I'm using HDMI.

Anyone know what the problem could be?
Yes probably an audio setup problem.

What is the asrock connected to? A Tv or does it go via an amplifier?

What are your audio settings (best way is to post a screenshot of audio settings. Press prtscr on a keyboard to take a screenshot, simply take a pic with your camera/phone)
I found out of the problem. I used xbmc under windows and copied the audio settings and applied them under XBMCbuntu. It was a mixed of analog and device (hdmi).