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Full Version: AC3 Passthrough over HDMI is static
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I posted another request earlier that incorrectly listed my problem. I'll change its status to shortly so it doesn't get any unwarranted attention.

I currently have XBMCbuntu running on a Zotac ID-80U box and a Sony TV over HDMI. I previously had the same hardware running with OpenELEC without a hitch. However, now with XBMCbuntu, I'm unable to pass-through AC3 audio to the TV. The audio sounds like static.

From looking at the logs, it seems that XBMC is for some reason trying to transcode the AC3 stream instead of passing it through. Either that, or it's not detecting that the TV supports AC3-format audio.

I can work around the issue using "Analog" as the pass-through, but that carries with it the issue that then the volumes for movies are really really low, while the volume for LiveTV is "fine" (i.e. nice and loud and needs no amplification).

Ideally, I'd like to repair AC3 pass-through so this all becomes a thing of the past.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! This is the last hurdle I'm facing in my XBMCbuntu rollout.

Post a screenshot of your audio settings page and a debug log when you play something that contains AC3.
Ok I feel a bit dumb now! It seems there were multiple pass-through devices available. HDMI (formatted) was selected. I chose a different one (HDMI, SNY Sony TV) and it worked fine.

I apologize for wasting people's times.

On a side note, now that particular box won't suspend properly. I'll have to look into it.