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Full Version: Movies are not sorting by title after edit...
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I have a few series of movies and I want them to go in order. However if I rename them by selecting the movie and selecting edit title then rename them, they stay in the same spot even though "sort by title" is selected. Is this a bug? or am I missing a setting?
i think there's also a sorttitle field somewhere in the database but i am not sure
You need to refresh movie. It'll still be reading the cached nfo file with the original sort title.
I did a refresh it did nothing but delete my clear art... I am using Media Center Master if thats anything important.
Anyone? It seems after all the research I have done it is sorting by IMDB scrape not the actual title as it sits in xbmc, is there a way to edit this?
I haven't used Media Center Master in awhile, but you can verify that it doesn't leave the old title in the sorttitle field. It wouldn't matter what the new title was if sorttitle wasn't changed as well. Also, when updating, make sure to tell XBMC not to ignore the local nfo.
I havent been particularly fond of MCM, what do you use? I have tried Ember but it just constantly errors when trying to do anything so I gave up. How do I verify the sort title from xbmc? Thanks!
If XBMC is using your local NFO stored with the movie file, just open that and look for the <sorttitle> tag.
Just to be clear, when you tell XBMC to sort by title, it actually uses the <sorttitle> tag if present. You can manually edit that to be anything you want to sort properly, then refresh the move as riaz1982 and Nitroburner77 said.
I seem to be having a major issue with getting xbmc to recognize the data in the local movie folder. When I refresh the movie, all the art is lost, I have to manually re-load it or click on get artwork -> download from the internet. If I click on choose artwork, it does not show any of the backdrops or clear art that is present in the movie folder. Quite the hassle to manually add art when you have 400 titles.
It may be that XBMC must find a valid NFO file before it will give you the option of using local data or refreshing from the internet. If so, maybe your NFOs are not validly tagged etc.?

You could try putting this in a text file, name it the same as one of your movie files but with an NFO extension, and put it in the folder with the movie file. Then refresh XBMC on it and see what it does.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <title>Test Movie</title>
What would help is actually seeing a few of your NFO's and some screenshots of how they incorrectly sort.