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Full Version: Can I have customised Video Node thumbs
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I have spent a bit of time getting my XBMC (Frodo 12.2) into shape and pretty happy so far.

I use Confluence standard and mainly browse the movie library via the Title but now and then like to browse via year, country, studio etc. When I select these I then get all the relevant choices shown as default folder icons. Obviously these are based on what is scraped into my movie library.

To get to the point what I would like to do is have thumbnails that relate to the folder eg Countries I could have a flag icon for that country or the Studio icons or for the Year something else. The Actor one already does this showing the appropriate thumb for the actor.

I have spent a bit of time googling but haven't found an answer so thought I would ask here. Is this possible to do in my Confluence (I don't want to use another skin as this is my favourite).
Reply to myself

I found another post from 'dadoftwo' who has done this for the 'genre' section.


I will take his ideas and have a play with making custom folder icons for other groupings eg country, studio etc