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Full Version: XBMC reading TV Show.nfo file, but not episode files.
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Hello all, I have a series of wrestling PPV's that are not on TVDB.com (and are not allowed to be added there).

So I simply created my own nfo file for each PPV, and arranged them by 'season", with each "season" being a year.

Example File Structure

Season 01

Each nfo file is this format:

The only parts I change from episode to episode are:

I then add the folder as a media source, set the content to TV, and it begins scanning them in.

Once it is finished, I am able to see my Wrestling PPV's under my TV Shows section. I have a banner in the tv shows root folder which it loads just fine, as well as the season fanart I have for each year.

However, once i select a year and see a list of PPV's for that year, if I hit the "i" key fthe bring up the nfo, I do not see any of the details in the epsiodes nfo file. rather, I see all the details in the "TVShow.nfo" file that i have in the root folder for the PPV's.

Which is the following:

So every PPV shows the same title, year, and plot as this.

Can someone please help me to understand why this behavior is occurring, and what i can do to try and avoid this and get XBMC to actually read in the nfo files that are linked to each PPV/Episode?

Thank you.
use pastebin.com for the nfo files and remove them from the forum!
You seem to contain all of your tags in an <xbmc_compatible_nfo> tag. Where did you get the idea to do that ?

It is not in the example that is in the wiki here
I use Media Center Master to generate all of my nfo files for movies and tv shows. I grabbed one of the nfo files from a show and used it as the basis for these.

I hadn't noticed that extra bit of nfo before. I just checked my newer nfo files that MCM generates, and this bit of text is now removed. =)

Thanks for catching that, I will report back after checking.

OK, So I am on a different machine than my main system at home right now. I just edited those tags out of the first season and half the second. Then fired up XBMC and added the source.

All nfo files loaded properly, even those wrapped in the tags.

This makes me think the issue is with my xbmc install at home remembering things even after I clear out the cache, which it seems to have a horribly bad habit of doing.

The last day I was messing with this I had basically go into the user folder (win 7), c:\users\*username*\appdata\roaming\ and deleted the entire XBMC folder from here.

However when I would restart XBMC it would go right back to detecting things the same way. It also likes to keep tv shows in the tv show folder even after I remove all sources, necessitating the removal of the XBMC folder to get them removed.

I suppose I will try a ground zero wipe when i get home of uninstalling XBMC and nuking the user data folder. Any other ideas on how to handle this sort of problem (where XBMC refuses to load updated nfo files) would be greatly appreciated.