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Full Version: Streaming Audio from XBMC
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Hey Everyone,

Hopefully this is in the right spot, as it's not help on a specific add-on just a question about possible add-ons.

I know I can stream audio to XBMC using airplay. But I'm wondering if there is a service or addon that I can stream out of XBMC.

I am using Xbian which may cause some issues down the line, since some of the audio may need to be configured manually. But I can work on that. Is there an addon that will work that I can send from one XBMC to wireless speakers.

So for instance. I can send from my windows machine to an Airplay device using Airfoil but that doesnt have a on my xbian as its for windows. What I'm looking for is an addon, or even hardware, that I can send my audio from my Xbian to an Airplay enabled device.

Hopefully that makes sense! And if this is not in the right thread let me know and I can move along quietly.

Our minds might somehow be connected. I thought about this feature exactly around the time when you posted this.
Some add-on or android app that could turn my normal headphones to wireless headphones.
I am sure some smart mind will surely be able to crack this.
I believe the gotham builds will have this feature. When highlighting a file, hit context menu and use "play from". Something along those lines. Xbmc will see dnla or upnp players available in your network and give you the option to play from them