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Full Version: How to handle concert videos?
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I have ripped some of my favorite songs from various concert dvds and encoded them at mp4 and imbedded song information. Right now I just browse them as files and have not added them to XBMCs library, since I have some trouble getting XBMC to register them correctly (The Scraper insist, it is the music-video-version of the song and does not regonize it as "another" version).

Ideally I would like the song to appear as videos in my musib library, under the artist, so when I browse an artist I will se the albums AND the concert clips (if any is available).

Is this possiple in XBMC? Should I use NFO for each single file or is it fine with the embedded information in the mp4-file?


I am considering trying to rip my concert dvds song for song, so they can also appear under music/artist. Is this possiple/viable? And if yes, what encoding should I use if I want to keep best image/sound possiple?

Thanks in advance!
Sounds like a job for music video type NFO files.
I do what Ned suggested. I have a standard NFO Music Vid template that I drop the info into. Then find my own fanart and go looking for a TBN file. What I have found is that movies and most TV shows work well with scrapers. Movies better than TV. But documentaries and music videos require a more customized approach.
Thanks for the suggestion.

So for each file, a seperate NFO? Do I need to store them i seperate folders as well (or folders based on artist?)
I use a folder structure. The name of the folder is "artist - name of video".

Inside is a tbn file, a nfo file, and a fanart file. The fan art file is name simply "Fanart.jpg" and I make sure it is either 1920X1080 or 1280X720. The other two are named the same as the folder.

Right or wrong? Not sure. This is just the way I evolved into doing music videos and that works for me so far.
Some things.

1. Music video is a type of video for XBMC. It does not read mp4 or other tags or embedded art.
2. Music video can have default thumb extracted from the video file.
3. Music video have "artist" and "album", but not the data that music has. All you have is a thumb for "artist".
4. Music video can have a "poster" art. This could be for example an album cover but there is not way to recognize it as such.
5. If a music video artist or album matches an artist or album in the music library, when in music library it is possible to open the video library for that artist/album via the context menu, but it isn't really integrated, more that you can jump from the artist in music library to the artist in video library (same with album).

For my part, my physical folder setup is such that I have the same artist and album folder layout for music and music video. I use nfo that I make locally for music video (never had any luck using the scrapers for music video).

scott s.
Here is the NFO template I have been using. Helped me a lot.