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Full Version: Exporting XBMC settings?
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I was wondering if there was any way I could transfer my c:\users\user\appdata\roaming\XBMC folder from my Windows 7 machine to my Ouya.

I am asking because I have a ton of add-ons installed that have no auto-view button and I have manually gone through THOUSANDS of screens, setting the viewtypes manually. I really don't want to have to do this again.
In the past I shared this folder with my other windows boxes which has saved me an insane amount of time.
Is this is not possible, is it possible to do this with XBMC backup?
Yes, but be careful of different line endings on different oses.
lol. OK. How do I do it? I have root access to my Ouya, but I only seem to be able to edit files from within the Ouya. I can see it as a device in Windows, but I can't get root access from windows.
So far, all I am able to do is edit one file at a time and deliver it to my Ouya via dropbox.

Better yet, can I make a central profile folder on my Server PC that all the systems running XBMC in the house share?
All I really need to transfer over is all the view types saved for each add-on. What files would I need to move in order to just get that?
You can transfer the userdata folder over completely. You might want to double check some of the things under XBMC -> Settings -> System, but even those will probably be fine.
Good news for me. The only issue I have now is how do I actually move the entire folder over? I only seem to be able to edit files using root explorer on the Ouya itself.
Is there any software you could recommend that I could use to do all this from my PC? I have my Ouya rooted, but I can not get root access from my PC when it's connected. I can access the files, but not the root directory.
If ouya runs android, try andftp.