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Full Version: HDeeTV changes for skin v2.0
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the skin has been adapted to the 1.85 version. includes 3 themes:




in addition, with theme3, if in directory pal16x9 you replace the home.xml file by the home_buttonscroller.xml file (before to rename as home.xml) you will have the home page with buttonscroller and multiimage.


when you player media, in the home page there appears a new icon (low straight corner) that allows to open a window with all the information of the song / movie that this being reproduced.

download: http://www.xbox-skins.net/forums....id=5285

i am working at the version 1.86. i wait to have it available shortly, including the suggestions that me to come.

good news!
all themes look good.

hey could you integrate the alternate view for music/video i sent you some weeks ago?
nice one :thumbsup:
it's great to see this skin updated. i missed it. :thumbsup:

edit: theme3 is awesome! don't think i've seen a better looking skin/theme.

great work leonardo, this has been my default skin since i started using xbmc. good to see the new effects coming into play. :d
wow! what a blatant ripoff of this theme!:

meedio's hdeetv theme

can you at least give credit where credit's due for crying out loud?!
the guy is a scumbag.

do you know how long it takes to design themes? i suppose not because you steal other peoples!

why dont you go away and design something yourself!

isnt imitation the greatest flattery?
but you have a point, credit should be given to the org designer.

please note that the only skin 'team xbmc' has control over, is the one in our cvs repository, 'project mayhem iii'.
all other skins are 3rd party by various people.
post from original designer below...

maybe leonardo does need to credit original author after all!

leonardo has never asked my permission to use any of these elements. the least he can do is give credit to the original theme.
kelm, ok maybe he didnt ask permission, but he does indeed give you credit here, in the original thread about his port...

as far as i can tell, its unedited... i just edited my post, you see that there's an edit statement in it.

and now, i'm out of this... i just wanted to post the original thread because our search function sometimes acts hokey.

i sit very much the commotion that is causing the publication of this skin.

such and as the first time says "kraqh3d" that the above mentioned skin appeared already i mentioned of that it was a question of a free port the meedio skin hdeetv (by kevin kelm) to xbmc.

i take advantage of this post to ask you forgive kevin kelm for not having asked explicitly for permission to use anyone of his graphical elements and i am useful to request the permission of him of being able to use them.

if kevin does not grant his permission i will not publish any other update of this skin.
well i guess it only taken a couple of years for someone to notice Smile
once again the silly debate of copying when gui was done a long time ago and we copy off that and dont even know who did it. this will just make the skinner in the end do stuff for himself and not post stuff for everyone to enjoy (go underground and private friends only).....hes not getting paid for it, maybe its a hack but people dont complain that there xbox is actually hacked to do stuff ms didnt want done and no one seems to compain about the xbox 360 skin hack. maybe a comment like "can you give credit to the origonal concept skinner please" is needed but this other stuff will kill skinners. this wouldnt be a problem but there are few ive seen with any talent and alot of the time they copy/port a skin because alot of people want it and its not that easy or everyone would do it. i support the work hes putting in.......great to see such nice attention to detail, keep it up. the origonal skinner can be proud others want ideas of his and maybe go onto a new level. mass people seem to ask and then mass people complain in my exprience, and provide little help in any way. if people hate this stuff so much they dont really believe in open source imo there for dont really beleive in xbmc. if one wants origonal ideas buy ms stuff the ideas are never stollen :agree: in a way.


yeah this was compleatly rediculas for people to start beyatching about you all should be ashamed even the author if hes not gunna keep his skin updated and someone else will. more power to them every one can tell who did the damn thing not like theres an abundance of xbmc skins that you cant tell where they came from, no matter how small or insignificant the changes are its a lot of work and time to figure out these things and people do it for fun not for profit gains so stfu relax guys its just the internet. and people that keep flaming after someone did it once already in a post are pieces of trash cuz its not needed at all and just want to feel important stop being like that its pointless.

**edit: note to ppl exSaddebennett2 & adamsmith) just signing up to post how lame they are coming from the meedio forum dont even bother posting your trash you're rediculas also you're what we call a troll on the internet --> you == http://pike.xboxmediacenter.de/1080065830042.jpg

keep up the good work leonardo dont let lamerz get ya down! they are just the scum of the earth and if you look they are the only two that have negative comments all the usuals are positive so just keep doing what your doing. great job.

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