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Full Version: Help adding settings descriptions Gotham13.0
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What does it do:
Since last month or so Montellese added the feature that will show a short description for each setting option what it does.
People who are running Gotham 13.0 alpha5 and up should have noticed this by now when they are using Confluence and entering the settings. For each setting there's a small text area at the bottom that will help clarify what the setting does. This is added in the Touched skin in alpha6.

How can you help
Now we would like some help from you to get these descriptions completed.

You can find the setting descriptions in the language file starting with string ID #36100

You can help by looking at the these files
and look at what the setting actually does in XBMC and find the corresponding string ID for the description which can be found in the help="...." tag in the XML files.
Keep the descriptions brief and clear. Two or three sentences should be the maximum and in most cases one sentences should do.

For example:
corresponds with

Adding this to Gotham 13.0
Once you are done with several of them we would like it you could create a Pull-Request on our github repo
A short description on how to do this can be found here:

To prevent people working on the same string try to not wait to long until creating a PR so others can see what you have done and they can work on others.

Only do this for the ENGLISH language. Once the English ones are added they will be become available through the Transifex project for XBMC so they can be translated for other languages.
Pull requests for other languages directly to out github repo will be closed without notice.

our github repo is not for creating issues/bug reports or questions. It is only meant for creating PR for code contribution.