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Full Version: Frodo 12.2 & MQ4 Skin
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Hi all, I've upgraded to Frodo 12.2 and i'm using the MQ4 skin but I've ran into a problem. I cant seem to get Fanarts to show up as backdrops during moving through the menu's and also while a song is playing. I've been browsing the forum and the web without any luck.

I'm using windows Frodo 12.2 I have the following addons.

Artist Slideshow
Artwork Downloader
Artwork Organiser
CDArt Manager

I've got all the backdrops in the same folders as the albums and films for example;

\\Media\server\ServerFolders\Music\Oasis - Heathen Chemistry\extrafanart\Oasis_15231

But nothing shows at all. I've got 'show artist/album art' and 'extra fanart' ticked under the 'art' heading and the path pointing to the [aren't music folder


but still no joy. Can anyone give me a mini tutorial / guide to get this working, as for me its a big part in making XBMC great.
Thanks for any help with this.

Update, dunno if ace extrapack had something to do with it but Cdart manager wouldnt scan any faan arts, i reinstalled ace extrapack and went back to cdart manager and it let me download all fanarts, so now theyre showing when an artist plays.

as an aside when i cycle through themes, warm, cold and dark are completely blank and have no backdrops ? odd