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Full Version: Openelec and mysql [SOLVED]
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How can i change the advancedsettings for mysql usage in openelec?

I windows i could easily adjust it with the ip adresses for the database
But how do i do this on openelec?
(no ssh please, cause i suck with it)
type in the address in like this in file explorer

change the IP address to yours.
You mean if the openelec htpc ip adress is
I should go to my windows home pc, open file explorer and brows to the openelc htpc adress? As simple as that?
yes, there you find the share folders which contain userdata as explained on the OE wiki
Oh cool! Thx mate! Appreciated!
ok this doesnt seem to work
he cant find it, although ip adress is correct

Since that method didnt work, i tried SSH with command from wiki
i used nano to make the file

So i created a file named "advancedsettings.xml" in "/.xbmc/userdata"

i rebooted the openelec machine, but still library is empty

the advancedsettings looks like this: (identical to my windows xbmc machine which works fine)



i just remembered, that my windows is running frodo 12.1
and openelec is 12.2

could that be the problem?
Solved Smile
Typo in xml file