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These latest versions adds live station support for Canada, Australia, Mexico and New Zealand. Podcasts are available from any where in the world. Plus other miscellaneous bug fixes.

Kodi V19 Matrix Version 2.0.1
Download and use "install from zip" method > https://github.com/divingmule/plugin.aud...-2.0.1.zip

Kodi V18 Leia Version 0.1.1
Download and use "install from zip" method > https://github.com/divingmule/plugin.aud...-0.1.1.zip

Let me know of any issues.

If anyone would like to help out, please do :-) GitHub repo is here -> https://github.com/divingmule/plugin.audio.iheart

Feedback is appreciated.
I'm getting script errors on every radio station.

Humm... maybe geo blocked? Are you in the U.S? Can you play stations in a browser -> http://www.iheart.com
That's the first thing I checked, iHeartRadio is not geo blocked in Germany.
I did some testing with a swiss vpn and got the same results as in your log. Are you sure you checked the .com site.
Oops, I stand corrected, please ignore my previous post, Media Hint was unblocking iHeartRadio.

Works fine, the way it's shown in the Youtube Video.
Okay, I might look into adding proxy support.

Youtube VideoHuh
I was referring to the iHeart Radio Stations on XBMC Video Tutorial.

works flawlessly, thanks!!!
outstanding work cant wait till you add the login part so I can play my stations I saved
Thanks for the hard work
Thank you so much! I'm a brand new XBMC user...still in the "testing" stages and I'm elated to see your iHeartRadio app. Great work!
Hi this does not seem to work in Canada, any suggestions?
Thanks for the feedback Smile

It may be awhile before I can get back to developing this. Anyone that want's to contribute is more than welcome.

@kobyboy, I would think some sort of system wide proxy/vpn would do.
I just found this, super freaking cool. I can now listen to my local radio stations on my xbmc. Thank you very much for the hard work on this.
one issue I've noticed... while listening to local stations, at random intervals- sometimes after an hour, sometimes only a song or 2. the application hangs up for a few moments before switching to the next station in the list.

otherwise great addon, thanks much!
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