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Full Version: Stuttering Audio when leaving video window
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Hi Folks,

Rather annoying issue, My HTPC is a Gigabyte E350N with AMD GPU (Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Wrestler [Radeon HD 6310]) running Fedora 19

When playing video, if i hit tab to keep playing video but return to the menu, after about 10 seconds, the audio starts to stutter, When I return to the video by pressing TAB, the audio comes right and the video "catches up" to the current playing position

I've tried:
  • Increasing the video ram from 512MB to 1 and 2GB
  • Increasing the Audio Buffers in Pulseaudio
  • Increasing the Priorities (Nice) for both XBMC and pulse
  • Open source GPU Drivers
  • Proprietry GPU drivers
  • Different Hard Drives
  • Disabling Dirty Regions
  • Software Rendering
  • Audio forced to 2 channel Analog
  • tsched=0 in pulseaudio (Makes it MUCH worse)
  • Different Skin
  • Animations disabled
  • RSS Ticker disabled
  • Different OS (Ubuntu)
  • Different OS (Debian)
  • Sound over HDMI
  • Sound over Analog

Here is the debug log


Get rid of pulseaudio completely. It is in no good stage within xbmc.
Sounds like the same problem I had (with alsa, so not pulse related on my end) http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=164475

was fixed in the xvba branch by fernetmenta can't find the commit anymore sadly but it's probably worth updating to check if it fixes your problem too.
yeah - but the original poster is not running the xvba version at all - therefore I wonder why it is not even worse :-) with HD stuff. To remove PA is a first test, cause i have seen it not working or making problems in a really high percentage of cases.

The fix fernetmenta did was for the buffered renderer back then, which is for sure not in frodo 12.2 the OP is running.