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Full Version: Should I bother with an SSD for my ASRock 330 HT
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I have noticed my movie library is sluggish when posters are loading, currently got standard 5400rpm drive which came with the ASRock 330HT but price of SSD has dropped plenty now and for £69.99 can get Kingston Technology HyperX 3K 2.5 inch 120GB SSD

I am assuming this will allow DB to read quicker and movie posters display without delay. Currently all my movies are accessed from my network so dont know why the performance is slow.
for £70 I would look to getting a SSD you will notice a performance improvement, even on bootup. And, as you read off a NAS / Net drive you won't need massive storage.

BTW - I was looking at buying one of the ASRock 330HT systems myself or the ASRock Vision 3D (bit too expensive possibly). How does it perform streaming off the web, and playing 1080 content? I'm sure it breezes them, but I thought I'd ask.
Well I have had mine for years and playback is from my pc over gigabit ethernet and has no problem with playing back 1080p movies with DTS audio no buffering at all. At the time I bought the dvd version, wish I bought the BD version but other than cant really fault it.
Thanks very much. Smile