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Full Version: RSS Functions?
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Looking for a way to have a list of new movies & episodes, etc be listed to show me there is something new on my media center. I've got all my downloads automated for TV shows and my movie content. But have no idea when there is something new.

Yes, I see there is a "new movie" and "new episode" search, but it's too deep in the system to remember to check,etc.

Looking for a way to post (like weather, or now playing) from the main screen that shows the new stuff... like a ticker, or a rotating announcement, etc...

Or, alternatively a way to display it in the RSS feed line? a scrolling list of updates in the past 24? 48? 72 hours? etc?

I've searched for a plugin but all I find is the RSS editor, but that doesn't give me any help unless I can get the updates into an rss feed, etc so that xbmc can pull it down.

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Have you tried enabling this setting? System/Settings > Appearance > Skin > - Settings > Home window Options > Show recently added Videos

This will now display recently added movies and TV episodes on the home page when you scroll over those menu options.
Yes, something simular -- this would be acceptable. However, sadly, I use the PM3.HD skin, and these options are not part of that skin.
I really HATE the default skin, and after a year of swapping different skins around -- I like the PM3 -- it keeps most of the options that other skins have tossed away and made unavailable.

So, still at a loss.
Doubt very much my requst for a change to PM3.HD would go anywhere.
So, I'm still left with trying to do something else on the side. RSS Feed or somethiing.