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Full Version: LazyTV - an unwatched TV Show playlist generator
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Gah! The streams have one episode ID to start with and then it changes!

The work-around is going to add to the overhead for sure, but only for those using streams.
Well, figured that out, and completed the fix for iStream.

Let me know how it goes.

P.S. I was getting freeze-ups when updating the version number, so have removed the auto-restart of the service on update. So the user will need to manually restart the service or cycle XBMC. Not ideal, but better than the alternative.
Now is working fine for me. Thanks!

The only thing I can tell you is when the options appears, to watch the next episode or close, I can't see the seconds count for the automatic close, I only see a % symbol..
The seconds wont count down, but they should still be showing a number. It should be fixed now.
(2014-03-07, 00:29)phreaq Wrote: [ -> ]I do have a couple of questions:


2. Can the 'The' be removed from the sorting? e.g The Blacklist, would appear under 'B', near the top of the playlist.


Fixed this in the latest version. Also tried to cover other languages too.
I have merged beta into the master branch in preparation of releasing to the Official Repo.

Cool! The script is very useful! Thanks!
Just a question, is there anyway to make the sorting of the list "Number of episodes left to watch" to go from least amount of episodes to most amount of episodes to watch. Maybe make a ascending/descending option as currently available in XBMC.
I can try and add that in the future.

I have to do an update soon anyway to support multiple languages.

Oh, and the Gotham version has been submitted to the official repo. Should be able to submit the Frodo version soon (just checking a couple of things).
A new feature to include could be, if you want to expand this script, a tracker like sidereel or tv-rage to tell you, when you have no more episodes to view in the library, the next episode to be aired (day/time)..

If you want help with the spanish translation, let me know..
There is another addon that does forward looking stuff. Seems complicated Smile

If you can do translations I reckon they would appreciate the help in Transifex. It is the service XBMC uses to compile the translations across all of XBMC including all addons in the official repo. My addon is over there. Someone has already done the dutch ones, and its only been up there a day or two!

Would be nice if I can export/copy the unwatched episode to an device (media player, folder, usb device) to take the unwatched stuff on the road.
Note: this Addon is currently found in the Videos section of the XBMC Repository, but will be moved to Programs soon.

The Pitch:
You have a huge library of TV shows and you havent viewed half of it. So why does it feel like such a chore to sit down and watch something?
You know you want to watch TV, so why do you also have to decide what specifically to watch?
LazyTV is here to free you from your battles with indecision, letting you sit back and soak up content.
With one click you can be channel-surfing your own library, or have what you probably want to watch pop up in a single window.

Unlike a smart playlist or skin widget, LazyTV doesnt just provide the first unwatched episode of a TV show. It provides the first unwatched episode AFTER the last watched one in your library. A small, but important, distinction.

LazyTV offers two main functions:
The first is to create and launch a randomised playlist of the TV episodes. And not just any episodes, but the next episode it thinks you would want to watch. You also have the option to blend in your movies (both the watched and the unwatched) to complete the channel-surfing experience.

The second main function is to populate a window with every "next available" episode for your TV Shows. One click and your viewing menu is there, immediately.

Other features:
Smart playlist filtering: Combine either of the main functions with a playlist of preselected shows to customise your experience even further. Alternatively, you can select specific shows in the Addon Settings.

Set out of order shows: Some TV shows, like cartoons or skit shows, can be viewed out of episodic order. So LazyTV gives you the ability to identify these shows and treat them differently. Those shows will be played in a random order.

Clones: Create duplicate copies of the LazyTV front end. This allows multiple integration in the Home screen. Each clone can have different main functions, settings, show lists, smart playlist filters.

LazyTV also offers two minor functions that extend beyond the addon itself:
Episode notification: an option to be notified if you are about to watch an episode that has an unwatched episode before it. This function excludes the TV shows identified as able to be watched out of order.

Play next episode: posts a notification when you finish watching a TV episode telling you that the next show is available and asks if you want to view it now.

Even more!
- LazyTV can create and maintain a smart playlist for use in other addons and even other smart playlists.
- a new Setting (page 4) can instruct LazyTV to copy the next-to-watch episode from the last 10 watched TV Shows to a folder you specify.

Known issues:
- Streams may work with the List function, but can be problematic with the Random Player.
- Updates of the previously released version may require a restart to take effect.

Wiki page:


Raspberry Pi users:
LazyTV contains a service that stores the next episodes' information and monitors your player to pre-empt database changes. This is my attempt to make the addon more responsive on my Raspberry Pi. The Pi still takes a while to "warm-up"; a full refresh of the episode data (which occurs at start-up and on a library update) takes about 30 seconds for my ~100 show library*. However, the show list window opens and the random player starts in less than 3 seconds.

*The same update takes 2 seconds on my laptop with its i5 processor

The addon download statistics dont update very often (as I am writing this, they are 3 months out of date), so I added something into the Addon Settings to provide some basic feedback. It sends a one-time email to me to say "hello! someone is actually using your addon!" Once clicked, the option wont appear again.

Latest Release Changelog
Added context menu
The context menu allows you to:
- select more than one show at a time
- play the selection
- play from "here" option
- export shows to any folder
- mark an episode as watched
- update the library
- refresh the list
Add skinned list view (you can switch back to the default list view in the Settings.)

The icons below are some alternatives I have come up with. Let me know which one you like the best.

watch gallery
Brilliant add-on! This has gone straight on my main menu. Really useful to see what i'm currently watching and play the next episode.
(2014-03-20, 14:03)rterblanche Wrote: [ -> ]Would be nice if I can export/copy the unwatched episode to an device (media player, folder, usb device) to take the unwatched stuff on the road.

I am looking to incorporate a Context Menu with various options, so this might find its way in there.