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Full Version: LazyTV - an unwatched TV Show playlist generator
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Grow up.
Maybe you want to do the same with that one I did then, and see if it gets better than 2 votes, assuming you pooling from a majority.
This is really buggy on Gotham running on a DK Windows 7.

Half the functions is not working. For me the most impotent is showing the latest watched shows on top. But it only works until the first reboot or if i change other plugin settings it is forgetting the settings even tho it is still selected under settings..

Is there any updates on the way?
No future updates are likely to fix those problems.

It runs fine on my Windows7 Gotham install. So I expect your issues are idiosyncratic or specific to your setup.
Would be cool to be able to setup a tvguide type display. Something similar to pseudotv, but based around lazytv.
LazyTV can be used in combination with PseudoTV.

LazyTV can be set to create a SmartPlayList with all the "next to watch" TV episodes listed.

You can then create any number of other playlists that require the episode to be on the LazyTV playlist as one of its rules. For example, have one rule be "Playlist is LazyTV" and the other rule be "Genre is Sci-Fi".

Those Smartplaylists can be used to create PseudoTV channels.

Also, I saw your other 'Kid Friendly' thread. You can create a clone of LazyTV, which just duplicates the front-end. You are able to name the clone anything you like. So you can set the content of their version to be anything in a specific TV Show Smart Playlist (filtering by MPAA rating).
Could you add an option to not show shows with missing next episode?
(e.g. I watched 1x01 and 1x02 is missing, now LazyTV shows 1x03, but I want it to hide that show untill 1x02 is avalable)
I don't see why not. I will add it to the list of things to do for the LazyTV refactor.

If you select that option:
- the show would be blocked from the random player playlist
- the show would be displayed as *missing episode* in the GUI
- the show would be omitted from the smart playlist (which can be used in PseudoTV, etc)
Karnagious I have a serious bug but I'm not having time to report it. Basically what happens is when you have the random player option and you put for example 2 shows to play, sometimes it gets mixed up and shows only one show and some episodes repeat where the second show should play instead. I took a look at the logs and it seems the id's of the second show is replaced by the first. Does that make any sense?
OK, I will make sure that works in the new version.

I am about 75% done with it.
Hi, this addon is a great idea!
I'm having a small problem with it though...
I want to be able to play episodes of the bb theory in random order, but it usually picks 1 random episode, then season 1, ep 4, then 5, etc, in sequential order.
Is this a bug or am I set up wrong?
I dont know why that would occur. The random player shuffles the randomised show episode list before selecting the next episode to load.

Are you adding multiple episodes to the random player, or do you get a pop-up after the first episode plays asking if you want to watch the next one?
Will it run on ATV2? Sounds like this maybe will be out of its league Tongue

Sounds perfect though. I really have to consider a new HTPC thingy Smile
(2014-10-27, 21:31)skimshady Wrote: [ -> ]Will it run on ATV2? Sounds like this maybe will be out of its league Tongue

Sounds perfect though. I really have to consider a new HTPC thingy Smile

If you can run XBMC with the library and art then you can run LazyTV.
OK, so I created 3 clones, changed their icons, and zipped them. When I install them on my Android box, 2 of them work fine but one gives me a failed message about service.py.