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Full Version: LazyTV - an unwatched TV Show playlist generator
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I am knee-deep in the refactor, so wont be able to recode anything to solve your issues. But there might be a solution revealed in the xbmc log file if you want to post them.

I am now 62% through the refactoring of the code (previously I was 75%, which should indicate how things are going).
Tried this addon tonight. Two main issues. The not so big deal is that it doesn't display the episode description. I could live with that. But may of my TV shows just flat out don't show up in it. Others do. But if I watch the next episode of South Park and I have dozens of unwatched episodes, it doesn't list that series at all.

Any ideas?
On the first issue, try changing the view type in the Addon Settings. Change the "LazyTV User Interface" setting on the "List Options" page of the addon settings to "Big Screen" or "Posters". It is one of those.

On the second issue, can you confirm a few things? Is the very last episode of South Park you have marked as watched by any chance? Also, does the show appear once, and then disappear from the list from then on? Or does it not show up at all ever?

Would you be able to provide the settings.xml from the userdata/addon_data/script.lazytv folder? If so, just shoot it to me in a private message. Same for the myvideos.db file if you are ok with that. That would give me all the info I need to identify the issue.

Hi, this is my absolute favorite mod of all time.

Unfortunately, I think I may have found a bug.

When I select "Allow multiple episodes of same TV show" it does that, however if more than one episode of the same show is put into the playlist, they won't necessarily be in order. This is a problem for those episodes that I have selected to watch in order. I can't use this option because of this.

Also, I've never been able to figure out how the "Prompt to watch next available episode" works. What exactly are the conditions for it to activate?

Thank you
Thanks! It is always nice to get feedback. And even nicer when the feedback is niceBig Grin

Hmm, that bug is odd. The episodes arent randomised after being added to the playlist, they are simply added in a random order, but episode from the same show cant be added out of play order. I wonder, is there some option in xbmc to play playlists in a random order?

The prompt is disabled for the random player by default. But I think the current live version has an option to "Permit prompt in LazyTV Random Play".

The way it works is that once you finish a program, if LazyTV can find the next one in order, it will show a prompt to ask if you want to watch that now. If you use the GUI option instead, it should show up.

Otherwise send me your settings.xml from userdata/addon_data/script.lazytv and I can try and figure out what it going on.

Thanks again!

(2014-10-30, 20:34)arithine Wrote: [ -> ]Love this addon. I have multiple channels in PseudoTV which sprinkle in episodes from the LiveTV smart playlist every couple of episodes, that way those shows only ever show up with the earliest episode I haven't seen and all the other shows work like normal (being shows I don't care are viewed out of order).

Thanks to you too! This use-case is excellent to hear.
I already tried the "Big Screen" and "Posters". On "Posters" it gives a title "In this episode" , but underneath it is blank.

As for the other issue, my episodes are unwatched and it never shows up. I shall shoot that file to you now. Thanks for looking.
You're right, there is a shuffle playlist option which was shuffling after the playlist was generated... A complete oversight by me. Thanks. I also really like the cloning feature, I have several different channels going on.

I'm going to download the new version and give that a shot. I still haven't been able to get either the "notify if previous episode is available" or the "next available episode" options to work in this one. While I don't actually plan on using them, it'd be cool to figure out why.

Also, I was thinking of ways to make the "next available episode" feature more intuitive as I imagine the pop-up screen after each episode would become intrusive. Would it be possible to bind a key to a command to preload the next episode while you're watching rather than waiting for a prompt?


So I just updated to the legacy zip, I'm am not having any luck with the pop-ups. I also tried installing master but I wasn't able to get that to work at all. Which version is the "current" version?
Legacy is the one you want. That should be the one you will find on the official kodi repo. (I am not a natural talent when it comes to version control and I didnt realise I was updating Master with my test code for months!)

The setting "Permit prompt in LazyTV Random Play" isnt showing up in this settings.xml. Maybe if you toggle it on and off that will force kodi to add it.

Would you also be able to provide the log file covering the time when the next prompt is supposed to show up? You can just drop it into pastebin and send me the link via private message.
That was my pre-update settings. Even with the legacy version with "Permit prompt in Random Play" selected it still isn't working. Where's the log file located?

You will need to switch on logging in the LazyTV settings as well.

The file can get quite large, so i would recommend remembering to switch off logging when you have what you need.
Okay, it's working! It requires restarting xbmc and some patience, something I guess I didn't try before... Some really weird things can happen before a reset.

One thing I'd like to point out, if you select "no" the first time when asked to play the next episode, you won't be prompted again.

Here's the log file if that helps: http://pastebin.com/BdVH5mwA

Thanks a lot for your help, it's a cool add-on and I'll do anything to make it better.
There is a script error in the log, but I am not sure why it is occurring just yet. I will have to examine the code in more detail.
I just got into using LazyTV to create my play lists. Love it.

I'm using it to create a playlist that I use with PseudoTV Live.

However I did run across an error. If the file name had a & symbol in it it was causing the xml parsing in PTVL to crash.

Don't know if its a PTVL problem or LazyTV not creating a valid XML.

Just thought I would report it.
Might be LazyTV. Are you able to share the actual playlist file?
(2014-12-03, 01:49)Karnagious Wrote: [ -> ]Might be LazyTV. Are you able to share the actual playlist file?

I don't have the full file because I had regenerated it to fix the problem, but here is the line it was choking on.

<!--Auction Hunters--><rule field="filename" operator="is"> <value>Auction Hunters - 05x06 - Risk & Reward</value> </rule><!--END-->

It was failing on the & in the file name. I figured it out by looking at the exception that was generated from the parse command.

I ended up just removing this line and the parse worked fine. I don't know if characters like & need to be escaped in something.