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Full Version: LazyTV - an unwatched TV Show playlist generator
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Good to hear!

PS. make sure your backup strategy is active. Smile
Sorry it this is the wrong place to write this message... I actually tried to email and pm you (Karnagious) directly, but this forum didnt let me. I just recently found this add-on, and i have to say its what I been looking for for ages. Its almost like I pictured it.

If you dont mind, I like to add a few suggestions for an improvement.

So in the main window, where you list up all the shows. It can be either 'standard', 'poster' or 'big screen'. Personally I like the 'Poster' mode, its and easy and very visual approach to browse each show. For my suggestion I would add a fourth option, which display each show just like in 'Poster'-mode, but instead of showing the poster for each tv-shows, instead show the screenshot from the actual episode. Under each screenshot it could be the text, fx. "Game of Thrones: S2E12".

So why I believe this is a better approach? As a 'lazy' tv-show watcher, I am already familiar with my tv shows, especially the ones I am currently watching. The poster of the tv show is not something I need to look at in the long run - However, the episodes/screenshot will keep change as I watch the tv-show. It will be a nice dynamic feeling, and it will be a nice teaser for the next episode I want to watch.
As for the left column, this could be the detailed info about the show, an episode description and the poster for the tv show.

Second suggestion... would be nice if you could add a menu option in the right click meny (on tv shows), to access the tv show information.

Lars Chr
(2016-07-19, 23:57)ascaaear Wrote: [ -> ]...instead show the screenshot from the actual episode.

Those screenshots are a little controversial as they often contain spoilers.
I see your point... some screenshots may contain spoilers. This is why I suggest this feature to be optional through a new display mode so people may choose for themselves.
In my case, I not only use this for new tv shows, but also for rewatching old shows randomly. I believe the add-on is intented for this use as well. Besides, whereever the descriptions or screenshots are coming from, i think they do a pretty good job on not spoiling anything essential. At least not to me!

Bottom line is... I think my suggestion will make it look more appealing.
Of course its your call, I just wanted to suggest it so people who dont have problems seeing episode screenshots or descriptions in advance may have this option!

Lars Chr
Cool, thanks.
ola sir

thank you for an awesome addon Smile

i am having a strange issue, and googling doesn't seem to give me a direct answer. I have installed Lazytv, and rest settings to default.

it generates a really nice list of episodes i can watch, which works on first try.

my problem comes in once the current episode finishes.
It presents the lazytv screen again, but the list is completely empty.

i have tested this now with a few episodes tonight , and made a debug capture now after watching how i met your mother.

capture is below ( had to zip it - pastebin didnt want to accept the size)


running Kodi 16.0 ( will try upgrading to 16.1 to see if that helps), with skin Aeon Nox

I just installed Kodi 17b, and after I clone LazyTV, there are no clones to be found. Not sure if it's Kodi 17, the Skin, or if LazyTv needs some work to keep up, but please help.
Nevermind, it appears that you have to dig in a little deeper into the program addons and enable clones. Perhaps this can be remedied automatically in the future?

It's in a very obscure menu location now... pretty inconvenient to find.
I think that is the new default behaviour from Kodi, and isnt to do with LazyTV itself.

New "sideloaded" addons are disabled by default.

I fear that if I automatically enable the clones, that the addon will get taken out of the official repo for circumventing a deliberate and intentional Kodi restriction.

Also - and this time I spent quite a while trying to solve it - I added my clones to Favorites, but when I select the Clones, nothing happens.

Everything works fine when I go into addons, but as a favorite - nothing. Might this be something for the Kodi Devs?

Might it be a skin specific issue?
Appears not to be. I switched to Aeon Nox, and the issue follows. It works when I browse to the app directly, but when I try to use the favorites, it just closes the menu without playing anything.

It must be said, other favorites work, as with some online radio stations I selected.

It must have been something in the beta version at the time. It suddenly started working after I removed them from favorites then added them back. Thanks Karnagious, sorry if it wasted any time.
I'd get a log showing the behaviour and ask the General Help guys. I cant think of anything LazyTV related that would cause this, and I am not experiencing that issue myself on two different platforms.
I think this is an amazing addon! However, there is one feature that I especially wish it had, which is to play a Smart Playlist that is only comprised of a certain genre of movies, as opposed to only giving the option to play all the Unwatched and/or Watched movies in my entire Kodi library. At first I thought that the official description of this addon at http://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:LazyTV#Choo...t_Playlist said this is possible: it says you can create a “clone [that] might play a random playlist of movies.” But apparently this is only referring to a “playlist of movies” generated by LazyTV that only can discriminate between Watched and Unwatched movies—not a Kodi Smart Playlist that can be much more specific about which movies are played, because when I direct LazyTV to play a Smart Playlist containing a genre of movies, it comes up with a message saying “no TV shows in playlist” and does nothing.

The reason I don’t want to settle for just playing a Smart Playlist of movies in random order like I usually do is that I love the feature of LazyTV that allows you to start watched movies at a random start point. This is amazing.

So my questions are: (1) if I cannot play a Smart Playlist of only movies through LazyTV, are the developers of LazyTV willing to consider adding that feature? (2) if LazyTV will never support this, is there any way I could code Kodi to start every movie in a Smart Playlist at a random start point like LazyTV does?

Thank you so much for your help!
I use Kodi as a upnp server and other Kodi upnp clients.

Is it possible to use LazyTV with upnp?