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Full Version: no icon yet
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excluding all selections movies and music displays the message "NO ICON YET" what to do in order not to show in this string. I would like to achieve the effect of pure wallpaper. A complete control shall be performed with the remote control.
Please, any advice.
That is a fallback image, not a text. The simplest way to remove it is to do a search and replace in all xml files in 720p folder for this:
PHP Code:
Search for the above code and replace it with nothing. If you want this only for the Home screen the code is in Includes_Home.xml.

Sorry for the delayed answer.

Works great thanks
Ni Nessus,

I have the opposit problem. Movies says "NO ICON YET", but all others show a fine little picture :-) The weird thing is that is was there before...hmm.
Bonus question :-) Where are all the .png image files located? I can't find them anywhere.

Thanks for a nice skin, hope to hear from you.

Take care.
Shows fine at my end.
Here are all the image files : https://github.com/Nessus85100/Xperience...ster/media