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Full Version: Shadowing or Trailing effect on Videos
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Im having an annoying issue with videos where there is a visual trail on the screen kinda like a mouse trail etc... the same video played in VLC player instead does not have the issue. Ive noticed it alot of late some shows which do "shaky cam" stuff can be really bad making a face look likes is warping around!

Has anyone any ideas on how I could fix this in XMBC?

Are you sure it's not your TV acting up? I have never heard of this issue.
Nope not TV, as I said VLC plays the video without any hassle or this effect on same machine on the tv.[/align]
Tell us more about your setup (OS, GPU etc.).
Yes sorry!

Windows 8 pro x64
AMD a8 5600 APU
8 gigs of Ram ddr3
Tv is 46" Samsung lcd. Connected via hdmi.
Try disabling all the video "enhancement" features in Catalyst Control Center.
I will try that tonight and revert... im skeptical again though given if it is a driver setting why isn't it effecting VLC.

Just for clarity also the trail is super minor... i mean only probably a half a second but its enough to be noticeable and distort certain images.

PS thanks for the suggestions! Mucho appreciated as this is driving me slightly mad on some video's!
No change...

I also sometimes get lines accross the screen in XMBC particularly obvious when the screen is black... this will then go away when the frame changes. All this ONLY occurs in XBMC.