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Full Version: Script errors. How do I deal with them?
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I'm somewhat of a xbmc newbie. Installed xmbc a couple months ago and some addons.

My biggest problem is that several of my addons do not work and I'm puzzled as to why I get these "Script errors!".

For example, the Epic addon gives me a script error no matter what movie I pick.

What causes these script errors?

Is there a general approach to fixing them or is this a case by case thing?

That's a generic error message. The add-on failed for some reason, often due to changes on the content provider's site. Check your debug log (wiki) to see what the problem may be. Generally, your best bet is to go the support forums on the *actual* website where you acquired a particular add-on to see if a problem has been reported and if an update/fix is available.
Thank you. I will figure out where this log is located and do so. :-)