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Full Version: Duplicate identifier?
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Is there a plugin which helps you identify duplicate entries?
Note: the files would NOT be identical, in name, format etc.

So for example you've got your DVD rip of Predator on F:\DVD\Predator
and then you've got your BluRay version of it on G:\BluRay\Predator

The files are completely different but there will be 2 entries in XBMC, I'd like to be able to easily find these, without needing me to just sort by name and scroll through.
Anyone? I'd really like this feature.
This would be pretty easy to do over JSON-RPC: Just grab movies and check the imdb id or similar, falling back to checking title+year for dupes.
This is coming soon right?
Someone would have to start working on it first.
Sorry accidental double post;

Thanks Ned - so this is a feature planned for 13? It's some kind of backend API to the database or something right?
No, my point was that any add-on developer, web-developer etc. could do this already using the existing JSON-RPC API to retrieve all movies and thus identify the dupes. Someone would need to write the add-on to do it, ofcourse, but it doesn't need to be anyone on the XBMC team necessarily.
Check this out http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=158373 it may be possible to add that to this script, if you buy author a few beers.
Ok I've asked there - thanks for the suggestion.