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Full Version: XBMC see Bly ray in Folders like Movie sets !
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Hi guys,
Here a HTPC with Win 7 32bit + XBMC Frodo + Aeon Nox


I've some many Blu Rays in Folder structure like "North by Northwest" in the picture.
XBMC falls in error beacuse see those Blu Rays like Movie stes (look the red arrow in the picture)!! Sad

There is a way to fix this bug? or to force XBMC to see those titles like nomal blu rays?

thank you
do you have local .nfo files with your media? if so, check if those movies are part of a set. they may be the only movie in the set, but it will still show as a set.
Hi I never saved any .Nfo file in the folders of my blu Ray.

I do not know If xbmc made this automatically...

I discover that XBMC acquire some additional infos after the reading of a file.

So after played North by Northwest, XBMC automatically changed the icon of the above picture into Blu ray!

very well.