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Full Version: Subtitles and Seedbox (FTP/SSH/SFTP)
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I connect to my seedbox using FTP/SFTP/SSH to stream whatever I have on there, however when I try to download subtitles using the xbmc plugin and it connects fine and seems to download, but no srt files are downloaded to the folder I've assigned locally.

I have done some searching and found this thread: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=97047

I have attempted pointing to a remote folder on my seedbox and changing the settings.xml to match as suggested but no change.

Any ideas? Thanks in advanced!
Where does the log say it was downloaded to?
Where can I find this information? Looked in xbmc.log and it shows nothing in regards to where it downloaded.

Never mind. I seemed to have fixed the issue. Turns out I changed the setting under the xbmc settings rather than the add-on itself.
On another note, if I wanted to try to point my subtitles folder to be downloaded in the same directory as the remote video file, it fails.

0:25:00 T:4512 ERROR: XFILE::CDirectory::Create - Error creating ftp://my_seedbox/tv_shows/Bob's Burgers

I read somewhere that xbmc doesn't allow ftp to be writable?

How do I get around this?