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Full Version: DVD ISO's
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I am getting ready to build my first NAS for my xbmc. I have a huge DVD ISO collection of movies. Will XBMC strip those? I have named the ISO's as: title (year).iso

Are there any specific instructions for getting tese to work, or do I have to convert each one to .mkv?
XBMC should be able to read the ISO as-is. If your ISO are organized in individual folders where the movie title is the folder name, then a scrapper should be able to parse it and properly bring it in to the library.
Okay, well I didn't place them into individual folders, but all of the ISO's are named correctly. I guess all I have to do is create a file for each one and copy the name. No Problem.

Thanks for your reply.
not needed either, just configure the movie source correctly. there is an option if movies are in individual folders or not,
I really like your answer wsnipex! Thanks!