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Full Version: Singles and Compilations
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I've gone through and tagged all my music, using Various for the AlbumArtist where appropriate and Single for Album and AlbumArtist for singles.

Yet only a small, seemingly random selection of songs are displayed under Singles and Compilations is missing a few albums, as far as I can tell those that don't have any track numbers, or even if some of the tracks don't but also quite a few albums where all the tracks do have numbers.

What do I need to do to make all singles appear under SIngles and could the Compilations check for track numbers be removed?
singles need to have an empty album tag afaik.
Hmm, well I was advised not to leave it blank by someone on another forum (unrelated to XBMC). I recall I had trouble with MediaPortal with empty fields previously, so it would be good if XBMC could recognise Single or Singles in the Album field as well.