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Full Version: Navigation by artist or album
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I'm using XBMC on my macbook playing media from the DLNA server on my NAS. There seem to be very limited navigation options though, which makes browsing harder compared with local solutions such as Amarok, as I can navigate by artist, OR by album, but not both, which is a bit limiting. For example, my partner wants to play a Morrissey album but is unsure which - so she navigates to artist 'Morrissey' and all tracks by Morrissey get displayed. Is it at all possible to get an artist's albums displayed first instead of just tracks?
If I recall correctly, when in Artist menu it shows the albums by default in Confluence. Can't check that right now.

While in Album view, you can sort albums by artist rather than album title. The option is on the pop-up blade. Then you can just navigate to the M's and choose an album.