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Full Version: Another cant connect to mysql thread
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I've searched the forum (and half the internet it feels like) but cant find a solution to my problem.

My Xbmcs (all 12.2):

Mediaplayer in Livingroom
Windows 7

My computer
Windows 8

Raspberry Pi in bedroom

WHS 2011 as MySQL server.

My problem is that I cant connect to mysql server. I've tried turn firewall off.
What should I do?

My log says this:

(MOD EDIT: Removed log contents pasted directly in post)
Remove your log and put it on pastebin.com for gawds sake...
Heres the log file.
Do you have any MySQL client to try and connect to with?

Can you do a telnet 3306 from your rasbmc?
Can you do a telnet 3306 from WHS2011?
Can you do a telnet 3306 from WHS2011?
Have you verified your MySQL configuration to make sure it allow network connections and listens on something besides

You can try Toad for MySQL http://www.quest.com/toad-for-mysql/ if you are not familiar with linux MySQL.