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Full Version: SNES Emulation
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first i have to say that Garbear has done great work!

I bought a xbox 360 gamepad only for this purpose Smile.

I have XBMC running an can install emus and are specially interested in emulating SNES.
Before i have switched to Retroplayer i was using Zsnes.

Now im experiencing that bsnes is not fluent (it stucks sometimes), snes9x is not loading every game and snes9x-next what i would prefer is generally not working (error loading roms).

I tried to get snes9x-next working but i have no idea why it could fail loading roms.

i used the build from:

I also tried to replace the .dll from snes9-next with:
But then i got Error installing .dll in xbmc.

I cant post debug logs right now because im at work, but i will do it this evening Smile.

I hope someone has an idea!

Kind regards!