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Full Version: Mod Confluence [Genesis]
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Hello, I go to present a mod confluence , Genesis , you can give your opinion and even your help @ +

I am French and the text translated by Google.

Download : https://github.com/LordVenom/Modconfluence/
Hi LordVenom,

Thank you for your skin.
How can I apply it to my Confluence skin?

Many thanks in advance.

PS: I am french too Wink
WOW!! Talk about a whole new spin on Confluence i loved the original skin then i loved all the mods Mudislander made with his ones but now with this it has taken it to a whole new level if we could only combine your styling with Mudislanders improvements i dare say you would pretty much have the perfect skin

great job I am gonna try it out right now Smile
Hello, thank you for your comment.

To install it enough to make a zip from Github, beware there is a folder too skin.confluence.korean must be at the root of the zip. This Skin will not be replacing your confluence install.