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Full Version: Audirvana Plus - audiophile addon?
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I posted this in the "feature requests" section but got no bites, not even a "no hope, go away", so thought maybe I posted in the wrong place. Apologies if this is cross posting.

I see from the following link - http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f11-so...post233986

...that the developer of this very popular audiophile addon for iTunes, reckons XBMC integration is now possible.

I am not a developer so not best placed to judge how much work is involved or indeed whether or not it is indeed possible to integrate this with XBMC, but wanted to make sure those who know, are aware of this possibility.

One of the criticisms that "audiophiles", such as those that frequent the above site make about XBMC is it's apparent lack of high-end audio functionality. I make no judgement about that, but the other thing I read very often is that everyone loves the XBMC interface for music playback (I do make a judgement about this, I totally agree), so maybe this is an opportunity to bring it all together?

Just a thought.

The "Audiophiles" are gaining in numbers. It’s getting affordable to have a very decent amplifier, speakers en even DAC’s.
I just updated my whole Hi-Fi system myself and the difference is HUGE.

If it's possible to integrate Audirvana into XBMC to play the music, that would be marvelous!

I adore XBMC for my movies/series (I swear by it) and the interface for the music is also top notch.
But (no judgment) the music playback of XBMC is not the best. It's OK and maybe great, but not THE BEST.

With that point of view JRiver is gaining popularity. While XBMC is till free and created by volunteers (my immense respect!), with the integration of Audirvana, you'll have again the best mediaplayer ever! For free!

Like with video output, you can select different players. Maybe you can do the same with the music?

Also no idea how much work that will be, so like nieldm I’m just asking if it’s possible to put it on the roadmap?
have you tried Gotham as it's should have better audio
No, I'm waiting for the januari monthly. Cause that'll also fix my 10-bit problem.
Had no idea the sound was also improved, didn't read that in the changes... can you guide me to what changes they're made for better audio?

just see that there's no monthly anymore...
I will download the latest nightly and see what it does! It will not be today, but I'll try to do it this week.
should be mentioned in one of the blog posts
In a few even! How could that be overlooked by me...
In first instant I thought it was just the audio interface and the approach that had changed.
It's obviously also the engine itself.
Thanks for the reply. Curious about Gotham now...
Tested it (had some trouble with my videos), but the audio sounds good.
Audirvana still sounds a bit better I must say. There's great improvement in Gotham. especially the expert settings.

XBMC is definitely a great player for most of my files. But the 96/24-flac files just sounds that bit better with Audirvana. (but then I'm being very critical)

Keep up this tremendous work!