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Full Version: vnsi4 timeshifting - two recordings/slow motion (vdpau)
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As requested a separate thread for my problems:

2 things I stumbled upon while using vnsi4

First: Quite easy to reproduce not sure if it's a limitation or a bug, only a problem if you've got more then 1 dvb card.

1. Start recording on Channel 1.
2. Start another recording on Channel 2.
3. Turn on livetv on the currently recording Channel 1 -> livetv will start from beginning of recording as expected.
4. Stop, turn on livetv on currently recording Channel 2 -> livetv will start at current point, not at the beginning of the recording.

Debug log: http://www.xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=50020

Second: Sometimes I run into a strange situation while timeshifting, the picture will play back in slow motion (19-20fps instead of 50), this only seems to happen on SD mpeg2 channels while I rapidly move through the timeshift file to get to the end of the buffer, or to a certain place in the buffer. The only way I can make it work as expected again is if I stop livetv and start it again. I tried reproducing it with a finished recording on my list but it doesn't happen then, so I would guess it's something the timeshift code is doing differently.

Debug log: http://www.xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=49986 (gets interesting at somewhere around 18:03:04)

Edit: After a while of trying I did indeed manage to get the slow motion problem on one of my recordings, so problem 2 seems to be related to vdpau rather then vnsi.
is anything of interest in syslog of vdr machine?
Sorry couldn't test further yesterday. I guess you're talking about problem 1, had another look today and to me the syslog seems normal (apart from it obviously not using the ongoing recording for 1 channel)

syslog of me starting 2 recordings on different channels, then watching channel 1 and afterwards channel 2: http://pastebin.com/syEpG523
nope, I was talking about problem "Second"

"First" should be easy to fix.
Nothing in the syslog, just some EPG updates and when I stop livetv after I've got slowmotion:

Aug 28 00:02:48 xbmc vdr: [8778] VNSI-Error: cxSocket::write: write() error
Aug 28 00:02:48 xbmc vdr: [8778] VNSI: exit streamer thread

But I'd say thats normal.

I will try to trigger it again with a normal recording out of my list, maybe I just didn't try long enough last time.

Edit: After a while of trying I did indeed manage to get the slow motion problem on one of my recordings, so problem 2 seems to be related to vdpau rather then vnsi. I guess it didnt eurface yet because I usually dont move that fast through normal recordings.
I managed to get into the slomo mode on a 720p 50 fps hdtv channel now too, looks like it's not only mpeg2 recordings, but it seems easier to reproduce with those. I guess the second problem should probably go somewhere else since the cause is most probably vdpau?
I was trying to reproduce this but without success. Do you have detailed instructions how to force the system into this state?
I'm not set up to compile xbmc myself, will test as soon as a newer xvba build is out. Thanks for looking into it. Regarding reproducing, I seem to get into this state every now and then when I quickly move in big or slow steps forward/backward, sometimes it's happening quite fast other times I need to try really hard so I'm not a 100% certain whats triggering it.
@ursli are you on OE? if so I can compile this for you
Thanks for the offer but I'm on xbmcbuntu.

Edit: shouldn't take long anyway xvba-testing gets updated pretty regulary
Had a go again with latest xvba-testing, so far I couldn't get into the slowmo state any more, looking good. I'll do some more testing just to make sure before switching problem 2 to fixed. Smile
Perfect, this fixes it indeed, tested with 2 ongoing recordings, both played back from beginning. I really need to buy you a beer sometime, thanks for your commitment. Smile

btw, I didn't manage to get into slowmo mode as of yet, so I think this whole thing can be considered solved.