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Full Version: 1080p backdrops
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Apologies if I'm behind the times here but I still have the djh aeon 1080p backgrounds and love them. I'm curious why they are so hard to find and why nobody produces more! What am I missing? Do people just rely on fanart.tv for their backgrounds now? I find them lower quality than the djh set. Please forgive my ignorance!
No replies to a thread by a n00b on xbmc.org??....shocking!!
I'm not sure these backgrounds are hard to find... a quick google brought up plenty of links to this and as far as producing more... feel free to post. Most home theatre enthusiasts have a day job, and the rest is family; the rest of the schedule gets quick shrift. Most users have customized (using skins) to the point that it's all they have in time to keep up and for the most part, skins are shipped with some pretty awesome choices for artwork and get renewal as material is introduced. I saw your post immediately and unsure of the graphics, proceeded to have a look...

I'm tormenting the pack and it's not here yet.