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Full Version: Motorola NYXboard Hybrid Button Alteration
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I have a Motorola NYXboard Hybrid remote, and while its an amazing piece of kit, when i used it on my raspberry pi running xmbc the volume buttons would do the softwares volume and all worked as expected. Now i am running it off my iMac the buttons do not work as expected. E.g. volume increases the main OS volume, the EPG button does nothing, stop/pause do not work. Have i got the remote on the wrong setting or something?

Or do i need to remap the remote? if that is the case is there an easy guide someone could point me towards.

There's a debate about if the media volume keys (which is what the NYXboard uses) should control system volume or XBMC volume.

Development builds (wiki) currently make them control XBMC volume.
Ah ok, than you for the information!

Any ideas on how to get EPG to go to the PVR's EPG, the remote also tries to control whatever window is active. So unless XBMC is the active window the remote does not work properly, but i can use the android YATSE remote regardless. Is there a way to get the NYXboard to work like that?
I just updated this page for the EPG button: Alternative keymaps for Nyxboard (wiki)

That should tell you how to make the file and everything.

As far as allowing it to control XBMC when XBMC is not active, I'm not sure how to do that on OS X. NYXboard is seen as a USB keyboard, and I'm not sure if there's a way to tie a specific USB keyboard to a specific application.
Thanks a lot, i'll do some more google'ing to see about the active window issue. Much appreciated for the links/information.
Volume keys are controlling volume OS and it will stay that way. No discussion again on that - just take it.

Some of the nyxboard buttons are not working on osx. The stop button for example. The SDL on osx just doesn't see those.
Haha I can assume there has been fair debate on the subject, thats fine then. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't an oversight on my behalf missing the correct settings. Thanks for the clarification.