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Full Version: Synology DSM 4.3 And upgraded NFS Options
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seems the synology tutorial in:


is outdated.

Now in DSM 4.3 final users have option to enable/disable the insecure_locks option via Gui.

Furthermore 4.3 version has added a security option that blocks XBMC to access NFS shares.

Some idea how to fix it?

I can't access via NFS to shares on synology. When i was using 4.2 all was ok!


Please help and upgrade the wiki page!
I haven't moved to 4.3 as yet..
But there are plenty of threads on xbmc over at the synology forums..
Might pay to head there and have a look..
I haven't been over there for a month or so ..so don't know if someone has found a work around as yet..
I can access to my DS411j with DSM 4.3 through NFS. I edited NFS privileges for shares to access via local IPs
I use this specially when samba workgroup isn´t visible in LAN. I dont know the reason but in the last days is happen to me
I have post another thread into synology forums where people is having same troubles.

We can access now to NFS shares only adding sources manually to the sources.xml file.

They problem is when we want to add a nfs server via browser option.

By the way, how did you edit the shares to access via Local IP?

I have my NAS less than a week and i am very new to NFS.

I´m spanish and my control panel is in spanish, so the options are similar to:
Control panel->shared folders
Select the folder to share via NFS
Button privileges->NFS privileges
Button create
Host IP: 192.168.1.*

Of course, NFS service is enabled in panel control->win/mac/nfs->nfs service

By the way, I dont use NFS with XBMC (I use samba). The problem with samba is in Two Syabas popcornhour that dont see samba workgroup, not PC´s. With NFS solved the problem for now
For editing the wiki you simply just request an account via the "log-in" link at the top right corner. Your account will be created, and you can easily change the text on most pages. I'd change it myself to help out, but I'm a bit confused about what actually needs to be changed.
Wrong Thread, Ned?
thanks narvatu i was using: " host ip: * "

Lets hope somebody find a solution to this issue
(2013-08-29, 13:45)exyron Wrote: [ -> ]seems the synology tutorial in:


is outdated.
(2013-08-29, 13:45)exyron Wrote: [ -> ]...
Please help and upgrade the wiki page!

(2013-08-30, 11:11)narvatu Wrote: [ -> ]Wrong Thread, Ned?

thx ned, i couldn't understand you first time sorry..

The wiki part that is outdated is the "synology" part because in DSM 4.3 synology has change some options adding a text box with "security" options.

In this new box you dont need to disable via "vi" or ssh the insecure_locks option neither.

The problem is that by now, with the new dsm 4.3 you can't browse to the NFS folders via XBMC, there is some kind of problem.

But you can add manually the folder's path and all files and sources works ok.

There is a thread in synology forums and we hope soon that problem will be solved soon.

i can send you a screenshot if you want.

If you updated your Synology NAS to the latest 4.3.3776 then you will no longer be able to 'browse' NFS shares. NFS still works and shares can be added manually if you know the full path. Synology are aware of the issue, have been able to replicate it internally and have indicated that they may release a patch.

FYI, the NFS paths if you need to add them manually (assuming default volumes) are:


Therefore full path would be displayed as nfs://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/volume1/video
Here i upgraded screenshot:


You can see new options that appears in DSM 4.3.

It is in spanish but you can see the differences if you can update the wiki.

Thanks everybody.

Lets hope the synology guys build the patch so we can browse again in nfs folders..

Synology have released a patch that I've tested on my DS712+ and it works. They've advised the patch will make it to the next DSM update in about 4 weeks.

where can i find that patch?

Must i ask for it to synology?

or only wait 4 weeks?

There are different patches depending on what processor your DS is using so probably best to request direct from Synology.
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