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Full Version: XVDR Can't get device for channel
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Since somebody else might have this problem, I thought about opening an extra thread for this.

I installed vdr and the xvdr plugin from aap's repository and xbmc / xvdr addon (also from aap's rep, xbmc-fernetmenta). I edited the channels.conf (with channels from channelpedia) but I'm always getting "Can't get device for channel".

This is from syslog:


Any ideas?

Additional Info: Only one of the tuners / cards is connected atm.
https://github.com/pipelka/xbmc-addon-xvdr/issues/44 this one seems to be the same problem. If that doesn't work, maybe install streamdev and check if you can actually view channels.

Edit streamdev should be running on localhost:3000 by default
Hm, I can't get the streamdev plugin installed, apt-get install says package not found. Weird because it's in the aap ppa. Regaring to the fix: Priority is already set to 50.

The aap ppa description:

This ppa contains a VDR+XVDR based backend for XBMC. By default VDR is configured for watching digital TV from Eutelsat W4/W7 36E.

What kind of configuration does he talk about? I changed the channels.conf, but do I need to configure something else to watch Astra 19.2E?
I found the problem....diseqc.conf was set to Eutelsat. I replaced it with this 4 lines:

S19.2E  11700 V  9750  t v W15 [E0 10 38 F0] W15 A W15 t
S19.2E  99999 V 10600  t v W15 [E0 10 38 F1] W15 A W15 T
S19.2E  11700 H  9750  t V W15 [E0 10 38 F2] W15 A W15 t
S19.2E  99999 H 10600  t V W15 [E0 10 38 F3] W15 A W15 T
No idea about the Eutelsat config, I'm using it with cabletv so I dont't think it should stop you from watching. You could install the streamdev plugin with dpkg

https://launchpad.net/~aap/+archive/vdr/+build/4905718 download the server, which should be enough, install with sudo dpkg -i vdr-plugin-streamdev-server_0.6.0-522~d7652d8-ppa1~quantal_i386.deb

Edit: too late, good thing you found it, have fun with your tv Smile
Well, tv worked for a second, now it's not working again. But I have to take care of some things, will be back on this problem in the evening. Thanks for your help!