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Full Version: Help with mac sound
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Hi guys

Wonder if you can shed some light on this I have the older mac mini ( non hdmi version) which I had to reinstall the software upgraded to lion and all works great xbmc plays fine my problem is no sound from internal speaker greyed out sound icon on desktop when I go to preferences everything is blank even when I go midi sound nothing can anyone give me a pointer do I have a faulty sound board or am I missing something any help appreciated
How are you connecting sound to the TV? Certain older macs don't push audio over the displayport/HDMI adapter.
Hi ned

I'm aware of that one thanks I have it connected via the line out, the sound icon is greyed out also when I go into sound there is nothing to select and also when I go into midi settings again nothing to select even if I just use the internal speaker on the mac I'm getting no sound even on start up of the mac!!
Not even a startup chime? Uh oh, that might be a major issue with the hardware. If there's some problem with the hardware inside the macmini then you can likely use a standard USB audio interface, which you can get from many cheap websites for around $5-$10, and Mac OS X will recognize it as a USB sound card.

It's hard to say, though. I haven't troubleshooted something like that in a very long time. There's likely some hardware tools from Apple that you can use to make sure. If I find any helpful links, I'll post them in this thread.
Did u happen to change ur sound settings to line out perhaps? Somtimes u beed to change ur mac internal sound to line out, also change it in xbmc as well. Remember there will be no sound using the mouse in most cases just the keyboard when moving around... Found this out when i used my 2012 mini this week!

If there is sound thru the tv, if thats what u have it hooked to, then the internal speaker wont work ever,