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Full Version: Audio/Playback issues with 12.2 on a Mac Mini
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I just went through a fresh install as described here: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=172621
I'm running a mac mini (core 2 Duo, newer mini but not the latest with Mac OS 10.8.0) using HDMI output for audio and video to an Onkyo receiver - this combination worked well enough with Dharma. I have upgraded to 12.2 and am facing a couple of show stoppers.

1. I can longer get audio to sync up with the video - the higher resoltuion MKV rips seem to be more problematic than dvd iso images, but everything suffers.
2. In Dharma, if you stopped any video part of the way through, when you restarted it would prompt you to either restart or continue. This fucntionality appears to have compeltely disappeared.

Can anyone provide pointers on how to get these two things working correctly?
The wife is pissed I blew away the exisitng setup to install one that in her opinion is 'broken'.
Can you get us a debug log (wiki) of when this happens?
(2013-09-03, 03:23)Ned Scott Wrote: [ -> ]Can you get us a debug log (wiki) of when this happens?

For issue #1, I saw another post that mentioned turning off one of the video sync options. I tried that and it has helped a lot in the DVDs.

I'll turn on debugging and see if I can reproduce it.
This is from starting an MKV of "I Am Legend" and letting it run a bit. I stopped it, and then restarted it - in Dharma you got a prompt about Resume or start from beginning. Now it just starts from the beginning, no matter what.

Your debug xbmc.log: http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=54227
I think it might be an audio settings issue, but I would also disable LCDproc option under XBMC -> Settings -> System -> Video output -> disable "LCD/VFD", and see if that helps.