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Full Version: XBMC Media Centre Menu
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I just jailbroke my Apple TV 2, and installed XBMC, but the only icons that show up on the menu are Videos, Music, Pictures, Programs, Weather, and Settings. There's no Movies icon. I am a complete newbie, and i've looked for an answer elswhere on the net but haven't found one so far. I'd like to add on movies to stream, but no idea where to go from here... any advise would be helpful.

You need to add movies to the library for movie to appear in the main menu.

I need some help please..
About two weeks ago, I fired up the application to find that both "Movies" and Shows" categories from the Main Menu are now missing. I have search all over my settings but I cannot restore this. I have even now upgraded to OSX10.10 --no help. The advanced feature in Settings shows where I might be able to manipulate things here, but again both Movies and TV Shows are greyed out. Also, I have lost all the Metadata for DVD case photos, etc.

How can I restore these features? Right now, I have to sort the movies strictly as files.
Are you using a MySQL database?
I have no idea what database is being used behind XBMC - I am just using the stock OS X install for Kodi.
Ok well that blows my theory. somehow you have lost your database I think. Can you post a debug log (wiki) to pastebin and someone may be able to see why.