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Full Version: vdr-plugin-iptv and vnsi
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Another small problem I've come across, I'm using the vdr iptv plugin for some TV channels, the problem is that vnsi keeps throwing those channels into the radio list. Looks like it is caused by the video pid, if I exchange 1=27 with 2=27 vnsi is putting it into TV but I can't play it back any more.

Channel Name;IPTV:1:S=0|P=1|F=EXT|U=/home/xbmc/vlcstream.sh|A=0:I:0:1=27:2=@15:0:0:2:0:0:0

edit: I'm not sure if a debug log is of any use, since the problem is quite straight forward.
according to vdr documentation of channels.conf a VPID of 1 means an encrypted radio channel: http://linuxtv.org/vdrwiki/index.php/Syn....conf#VPID
I could bypass this rule if source shows P but I am not sure if this is correct.
Looking through my channels.conf encrypted (and unencrypted) radio channels seem to have a vpid of 0 on my end, I'm on cable tv not sure how this looks for sat.
Sorry took me longer then expected to write back, I managed to delete my userdata folder (Don't ask me how... luckily I still had an older backup).

That fix didn't seem to change it but I've found this while searching for a solution: https://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php...87#p253287 since I use vlc anyway to pipe the hls stream to the iptv plugin I gave it a go and it does indeed work without the need to transcode the file. I now got a video pid of 101. Smile You mentioned that it was probably a hacky solution, so I think it's better if I solve it on my end. I would guess more people would've had the same problem if the video pid = 1 would be more common, maybe it was me piping it to vlc that changed the pid to 1 in the first place.

edit: Stupid moment here, I only recompiled the xbmc plugin, forgot about vnsiserver, let me go back to the original setup and try again

edit2: Ok, this time vnsiserver was actually re compiled. Went back to default, means vlc pipes video pid with 1, channel still gets sent to radio channels. When I do the vlc pid-video=101 fix the channel shows up where it's supposed to.