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Full Version: Use subsonic music library instead of XBMC library
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My setup:

I have a setup with linux/xbmc as htpc and a debian server which stores all my media and shares it across the network. For movies and tv-shows I let xbmc make a library centralized on the server, for music I already have a subsonic server with it's own library. I am very satisfied the way subsonic handles all this and I don't want to maintain a second library for music within XBMC. For this purpose I use the Subsonic add-on in XBMC frodo. However I am missing a lot of features compared to a library in XBMC....

Is it one way or another possible to replace the XBMC library with a subsonic one?


Am I missing something and are there other alternatives?
(2013-09-08, 14:54)JoostXBMC Wrote: [ -> ]However I am missing a lot of features compared to a library in XBMC....

Are the missing features supported by Subsonic?

If yes:
1) What is missing?
2) Contact the plugin author and ask him if it's possible to add the missing features.

If not:
Then Subsonic cannot provide the needed data.
Perhaps use the xbmc subsonic add-on. Its available on the forum here.
Thanks for the reply,

I use the subsonic plugin currently. It's working just fine, but what I mis for example:

The possibility to use it with the remote (ios xbmc and constellation) on a user friendly way,
Search music within XBMC as if it is an XBMC library
Statistics about library
Possibility to scrape artist/album info

Currently the subsonic add on and a library are really 2 seperate things, that's what i meant to say... Subsonic is supporting all there things, so that's not a problem.