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Full Version: the end is in sight
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garbear Wrote:I'm getting ready to submit a PR to master.
Great news! A pity that we already voted for another release name with "G" Smile.

garbear Wrote:What I have left to refactor: ..., rip out as much Game Info Tag code as possible (I'll try to get this down to < 300 sloc), ...
Will you consider to keep as much of the code that we still can do stuff like this from python?
listitem.setInfo( type="game", infoLabels={ "platform": "SNES", "gameclient" : "gameclient.snes9x"})
nothing's changing in the development branch. i'm whittling down the PR for base functionality to get it reviewed as efficiently as possible, and we can attach the other necessary parts (like exposing the API to add-ons) as the review process evolves.

(2013-09-12, 07:45)malte Wrote: [ -> ]Great news! A pity that we already voted for another release name with "G" Smile.

yet strangely appropriate that XBMC Gotham might let you do battle with bane and two-face in batman: chaos in gotham Smile
I'll be uploading new builds here. I'll start a new thread for builds soon.

The first build has been uploaded. The code is based on the branch retroplayer-pr, and is the final code I plan to submit as a PR (minus the two commits labeled [temp]). When testing, loading ROMs would sometimes freeze XBMC (had to force-quit), and this seemed to happen randomly. Let me know if you're seeing this issue as well. On the flip side, audio delay has now been fixed by switching over to the new ActiveAE audio engine (and all my old hacks removed).

When I start the new thread, I'll outline what I hope to accomplish over the next two weeks of bug hunting. Specifically, i'd like an index of which emulators work and which don't. And it wouldn't hurt to beef up the features request list Smile
I have a feeling that retroplayer + RCB + aeon mq5 RCB wall skin = preserving an entire medium for generations
What a fantastic day to be researching this again. Thanks garbear!
(2013-09-12, 19:31)Adam7288 Wrote: [ -> ]I have a feeling that retroplayer + RCB + aeon mq5 RCB wall skin = preserving an entire medium for generations

I truly can not wait to see that in action ... It seems like a dream combination.

Thanks for the builds Garbear ... I'll try and help in the bug hunt quest!
Ok so I've got the latest nightly installed.

Any instructions available yet?
find a rom. hit enter Smile just like the video experience. if it's more complicated than that, i still have work to do
Got a test ROM that we can use as a reference?

EDIT: Tried it on my favourite game ever: Wind Jammers.

When I add a source then browse to the zip file It just shows an empty directory. Maybe I'm doing it wrong Wink
Ran a quick test on Super Mario Kart. My experience and the debug log don't seem to gel. I installed the snes9x addon, added my folder of snes roms, tried to run Mario Kart, and XBMC totally froze. But it looks like the debug log thinks everything went great.


Attempt #2: This time, I added a new folder with NES roms. I did not install any NES addons beforehand. I tried to run Castlevania 2. XBMC appears to have correctly detected I was running an NES game and asked me to select from a list of emulators. I chose bnes. After pressing OK, XBMC immediately froze. Log below...

@Nate, there is a new build HERE that should fix your issue.
Ah ha, I didn't realize test reporting was happening on another thread.
Congrats Garbear and thank you for all your efforts with this, it's amazing Smile
(2013-09-10, 02:03)garbear Wrote: [ -> ]I hope you can all join me when the final sprint starts. I'm starting school part-time soon (it's been a long while since i've taken any classes), so my goal for submitting the PR is the 25th of september
This forum is very quiet in past days. All bugs catched? :-)
Bug hunt is on another thread :
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