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Full Version: Change <speedunit>kmh</speedunit> to <speedunit>beaufort</speedunit> for Dutch
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Not sure if this is the right place to post this request.

In the Netherlands 'Beaufort' is used to indicate wind speed.

Can following string

be changed to:

for below file?
C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\language\Dutch\langinfo.xml
it can but i don't like it.
We Dutch also use km/h which is pretty common. If you prefer beaufort you can change it for your install.

Not sure what our other Dutch users think
KNMI, NOS and RTL news all use "windkracht" which is Beaufort.

I do understand that you have your personal preferences, but Beaufort is the official Dutch wind scale unit.
from KNMI

Quote:De windsnelheid wordt meestal uitgedrukt in meters per seconde, knopen of kilometers per uur.

can't be more official than that.

Because they use it does not mean it's the "official" unit.
Also from KNMI:

Quote:De windkracht is de kracht die de wind uitoefent uitgedrukt in eenheden volgens de schaal van Beaufort, een schaal van 0 tot 12


But then we end up in a discussion about the difference in wind speed and "windkracht".

Please have a look at the very common website weeronline.nl
Wind scale is Beafort.

I am of course not denying that "peaks" in a storm are indicated in km/hour.
<speedunit> <- this is speed not force. if you change it other values might show up weird as you would be driving "80 beaufort".
so in short, not gonna happen.

also not even sure if the weather providers even provide a beaufort value so you would be out of luck then as well.
and it would require adjustments for the weather addons as well to have a specific value for only Dutch.

or some one would code something like <windforce> into xbmc code so it can be used
You are right about that, however the value in the XBMC weather app does correspond to general wind scale.

I think it should have been called <windunit> or <windscale> instead

BTW if you change <speedunit>kmh</speedunit> to <speedunit>beaufort</speedunit> the values are correct in the weather app,