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Full Version: VNSI 4 - Slow Motion on live tv
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Hi all,

my current installation is:

VNSI from here: https://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc-pvr-addons
XBMC Gotham from here: https://github.com/FernetMenta/xbmc

Installed last week and updated yesterday. With yesterdays update my live tv shows all channels in slow motion, then for a view seconds ffw and afterwards again slow motion. This continues all the time. Audio is working fine all over the time.

I know that both are development versions, but if there is some information how to solve this, it would be fine. Otherwhise I will step back to the version from last week.

One more question on actual Gotham status: I have read that FernetMentas branch should currently be the one with the best video quality and is in sync with the vnsi changes. However I am missing some configuration options in my XBMC version (e.g.: A/V sync) are they removed from Gotham or did I do smething wrong when compiling xbmc.

Note: I compiled XBMC with options --disable-hal --disable-chrystal-hd since this is the way I always compiled it, if this is wrong for newer versions, please let me know

Thanks to all for their great work on xbmc, I am loving it :-).

Works here. Please post debug log.
You need to set expert level in the settings, lhs blade, in order to see all settings.
Debug log:
first part: Pastebin - debug log part 1
second part: Pastebin - debug log part 2
third part: Pastebin - debug log part 3

Sorry, I had to split it since I enabled detailed debug logging for everything, the log was to large. I hope that this is ok for you. Otherwhise let me know, what to disable
can you update to today's version and try again?
what is your audio device? the log states you have set to default. Would it change anything setting it to actual device?
Something small to add (not on topic). Your mysql server address is bogus, i think vi fooled you there.

Next thing I see, you have no hwaccel compiled at all - are you using external ffmpeg?
btw: nvidia driver 295 is stone age, you should really consider an upgrade.
Hi FernetMenta,

thank you for the tips. I will try it out and also upgrade my nvidia drivers. Unfortunately I will have to wait for sunday to try it out (too busy before).
ok, last build is working fine again, allthouhg I was not yet able to update the nvidia-driver, but this is more related to the fact that I my gentoo installation has not been updated for a rather long time