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Full Version: Streaming Flash Video
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Hi Guys

looking for some help here.

I have a subscription to JSC Sports online.

All channels are available on their website, and use flash video.

Is there any way I can either open the web page and video in xbmc, or would i need to have a dedicated addon for this?

Any help would be appreciated

You can use something like Advanced Launcher to launch a web browser session to the desired webpage from within XBMC.
Here is the tutorial to open a webpage into fullscreen using Advanced Launcher : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXsq4YqAiY0

Thanks for that

I have done this, and tried to launch both firefox and chromium, and they both launch half screen

also tried writing a script to launch, but same again

no maximise button available either Sad

Thanks for your help thus far
Are you using XBMCBuntu or Openelec?