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Full Version: Public Domain ROM Sites
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@Mia_Campbell I'm not 100% convinced of the legality of the offered ROM downloads.
+1 for PD ROMs and I would add ROM Packs website. These two sources provide only legal homebrew/public domain games.
The home for our emulators is https://github.com/kodi-game . you'll see that they are just simple CMake build scripts wrapping the emulators at github.com/libretro . atm only Nestopia works, once I get input working tho I'll focus on getting the rest to work
FreeDoom assets and engine:

Hi OP,
This is a nice thread. I found Emu Games just recently. So far, I've been trying some GBA games. And by "trying", I mean I'm already finishing up some games, so it might take a long time to try the rest. Rofl
(2013-09-13, 01:32)MasterPhW Wrote: [ -> ]PDRoms biggest (to me) known resource for public domain and test files for nearly every console ever released.
Oh, you are right. This looks like a nice site. Thanks for sharing.
(2023-11-24, 11:49)leelamidol Wrote: [ -> ]RomsKostenlos.de ist die beste Seite für das Herunterladen von ROMs, Spielen und Emulatoren. Wir bieten eine große Auswahl an kostenlosen und hochwertigen iOS, Android, PC/Mac- und anderen Spielen und Emulatoren.
This is an english only forum, please use 'Google Translate' in the future and refrain from URL sites that may link with non public domain software.
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